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In the market to update your existing swimming pool deck area?  StoneCraft Pavers is here by your side.  Let our knowledge and experience educate you on the process while transitioning your pool deck areas and lanai area into a hardscape paradise that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. 

Our remodel pavers are designed to resurface old cracked or uneven pool decks, patios and walkways without the cost of removing the existing old, cracked or uneven concrete or cool decks.  Save time and money using our 1" thin remodel pavers to overlay on cracked concrete, acrylic pool decks, cool decks and pebblestone.  We have experience installing these pavers over many types of pool deck conditions.  Our team can make your pool deck look new again.

We cut no corners when it comes to the entire deck renovation process.  Worried about your old clogged deck drains, screen doors not opening... Well every bit of that we discuss with you and make certain that you understand each step of the way through-out the process.  StoneCraft Pavers handles all the details to assure you that we know our craft.  Swimming pool remodeling is a fast and quick process. 

Brick Paver Repairs, Maintenance, Cleaning, Sanding and Sealing all over Orlando! Call 407-575-3935

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Paver Patio and Lanais  -  Outdoor Living spaces Built in Orlando

Quality & Affordable Pool

Renovations all over Orlando Florida.

Brick Paver Pool Decks

Coping Installation

Deck Drains

Travertine Pool Decks




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New Deck Drains, Skimmer Cover and Collar

Ring Installed on all Pool Remodels!

4" x 8" Brick

Surprisingly affordable a StoneCraft outdoor hardscape makes the ideal home investment.  Creating a private backyard paradise while enhancing your homes value costs less than you might think. Installation of a beautiful outdoor living space can be done quit quickly.

StoneCraft Pavers has a diverse range of paver shapes and color to transform your backyard living area to reflect the way you live. Transforming your outdoor space into an unforgettable place is easier than you think. Bringing your backyard design dreams to life begins with making a few basic decisions based on what kinds of activities take place their. From the paver deck or flat areas to inlays of separate materials or colors, border runs n trims providing outlines and details to seating walls, columns and fire pits... StoneCraft Pavers can transform your outdoor living spaces. Call us today to schedule an appointment at your residence.

Fast  •  Clean  •  Quality Installation  •  Affordable

We also install travertine pool decks!

Holland Stone 4" x 8"


Fiber Weight 80 oz
Pile Height 2" Directional
Color(s) Two Tone Spring Green with Green Thatch
Warranty 10 Years

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Deck Renovations.  Fast & Affordable!

Luxury  Turf

Are your brick pavers in need of cleaning, sanding or sealing? Are you brick pavers settling?  Do you have low spots that are uneven through-out?  Is your concrete edge restraints cracked? Is there trip hazards at your commercial property that could be a liability to your company?  Or are you looking to just have your pavers cleaned and sealed?  We handle all of these issues.  StoneCraft Pavers has the experience and expertise to address and correct any issues or concerns to your brick paver areas.  Call us today!  We would be more than happy to come out and provide you with an accurate cost on brick paver repairs and maintenance within the Orlando area. 


Residential Homes,  Apartment Community Grounds, Commercial Walkways,                                                                                                                                                  Building Entry Areas, Swimming Pool Deck Repairs and much more.

brick paver sealing & repairs  •  maintenance / repairs  •  cleaning  •  sanding  •  professional sealing

Brick Pavers Orlando.  Paver Driveway Installation in Orlando.  Swimming Pool Deck Remodeling in Orlando

Old Towne 3pc

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Travertine Swimming Pool Decks!

     Make a Bold Statement with Natural Stone

Travertine / Natural Stone

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Whatever your plans, StoneCraft Pavers can bring your backyard design dreams to life.

Pergolas and canopies   -  we build pergolas in orlando  -  Paver Patio Areas with Pergolas

Looking to update your driveway? We remove old, cracked concrete driveways all over Orlando and replace with a new brick paver driveway!


Fiber Weight 65 oz
Pile Height 1 3/4" Directional
Color(s) Two Tone Forest & Spring Green Blend with Olive & Tan Thatch or Green Thatch
Warranty 10 Years


Orlando Paver Installation  •  Call Us Today!

Royal  Turf


Residential Landscaping,  Commercial Applications, Apartment Community Grounds,  Playground Areas, Nursing Homes,  Building Entry Areas,  Swimming Pool Decks,  Patio Areas,  Dog Parks,  Putting Greens and much more... 

We cut no corners... Using only the right

products while paying attention to all

the details that really do matter!

Swimming pool deck Remodeling  -  Paver Pool Deck Installation in orlando

Here is some of the coping options we offer.  Available in many colors and blends.

sidewalks  •  walkways  •  entry foyers  •  Business Entries  •  Office Fronts                              Residential & Commercial

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Nothing makes an entrance like a driveway crafted with the distinctive elegance of pavers, their classic patterns and rugged textures recalling the look and feel of vintage cut stones or traditional cobble streets. 
If your existing driveway is cracked or you are just looking to create a more beautiful curb appeal at your residence... We can assist you with just that. StoneCraft Pavers offers homeowners an unparalleled world of possibilities with a myriad of color blends, style, texture and design options using brick pavers. We educate our clients about the entire process from start to finish. Most driveway projects can be completed within 2 to 4 days. Give our office a call to schedule an appointment at your residence. We're Orlando's brick paver experts. Brick Paver Driveways Installed all over Orlando!

Synthetic Turfs   -   Artificial Grass   -   Synthetic Turf Installation in Orlando



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