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Our Favorite Stone!


1" Drop                                                2.75" Drop                                   4" Drop

Excellent for Driveways, Walkways, Entry Foyers, Patios, Lanais, and much more.  Orlando Brick Paver Services!

2  3/8" Thickness

4" x 12"

Autumn Blend

Mega old Towne Combo Set



Travertine is a very popular selection for pool decks, patios, lanais and entry foyers.  Complementary bullnose coping can be used to complete a pool deck installation or step areas with travertine or remodel pavers.  With a variety of sizes and colors, our travertine selection will meet many project requirements.  We have professional artisans on hand with many of years experience installing travertine within outdoor living areas.  Call us today to discuss the many natural hardscape elements we provide and install.

Templehurst Pavers

See below for

more options!.

Old Towne & Appian  -  Combo Set


Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Lanais, Entry Foyers, Swimming Pools and much more...

Color: Sierra

Also available in Thin Pavers for remodeling projects!


Available in a

2 piece or a

3 piece set

Country Classic

Modern yet Bold!  Rethinking traditional brick pavers,  Plank pavers provide a simple yet bold statement with grand proportions perfect for driveways and patios.  Plank pavers are available in a variety of 9 solid colors which offer effortless design options to complement any setting.  Available in 2 ⅜" thickness, ideal for residential patios and pool decks; as well as the 4" thick pavers which can withstand the heavy payloads of driveways and commercial installations.

French Pattern Colors available


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With a wide variety of sizes and colors Park Plaza is the most versatile paver. Designed to create some of the most distinctive designs in landscape architecture through mixing and matching of coordinating styles. With multiple colors available for each shape, you can further customize your ideal. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications.  

2 Piece Combo Set

2 3/8" Thickness

6" x 6"  -  6" x 9"

old towne 2pc - sierra

This combo set is our most popular and affordable solution.  A classic choice for projects where the smaller format is more appealing.  This set has a smooth pillow top finish while offering an excellent selection of color blends from various manufactures that we represent. 

3 Piece Combo Set

2 3/8" Thickness  -  6" x 9"  -  9" x 9"  -  9" x 12"


Remodel Pavers  are a perfect choice for commercial or residential pool decks, lanais, pathways, garden paths, patios, courtyards, plazas, pedestrian malls, condominiums and much more.

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Templehurst redefines the classic stone paver with a contemporary flair. Featuring simplicity at its finest with clean lines and grand size, yet still offering a natural touch with distinctive texture and color blends. Use Templehurst pavers to create exquisite pool decks, pathways, and patios.

Old Towne & Appian  -  Combo Set

Available in a  2 piece set

4" x 4" x 12"  -  4" x 4" x 16"

also avail. in

French / Ashlar Pattern

Urbana Stone Pavers

A favorite with architects and landscape designers for residential and commercial projects. The clean sharp lines from the flat top collection create a sleek contemporary look thats ideal for any pool deck, lanai, outdoor gathering area or driveway. Many color blends available as well. 

Park Plaza Pavers

1 1/4" Thickness

Various Sizes Avail.

6" x 12"  -  12" x 1 2"

16" x 16" 

This 3 piece combo set is very appealing and provides a traditional look for curb appeal at your residence or office. This set has a smooth pillow top finish while offering an excellent selection of color blends from various manufactures that we represent. 

Large Square

2  3/8" Thick  - 12" x 12"

stonehurst textured top combo

Color: Brickyard

MARBLEscape Pavers

3 Piece Combo Set

2 3/8" Thick - 4" x 8"  -  8" x 8"  -  8" x 12"

travertine Pavers

Captivating design that breaks new ground.  Due to its natural color and texturr, this stone could be mistaken for quarried stone, however... with perfect consistency.  Closer inspection shows bold swirls of color and natural looking blends of shades, coquina-like textures or even exotic stone chips or shells embedded in the stone matrix.  Its a new kind of paver stone - much different than brick type pavers, more like natural stone.  This stone opens an exciting spectrum of new ways to expand creativity in outdoor living areas.

2  3/8" Thickness

9.25" x 12.5"  -  12.5" x 12.5"  -  12.5" x 22"

REMODEL coping  /  pool beam coping

Color:  Driftwood


1" Thickness

4" x 8"                                                                 4" x 6"  -  6" x 6"  -  6" x 9"                                   6" x 9"  -  9" x 9"  -  9" x 12"                                                  12" x 12"

Travertine's subtle, regal beauty, resilient strength and natural textures have made it a favorite of builders and architects for thousands of years. All Travertine tiles are paired with matching bullnose and are meticulously tumbled to enhance the warmth and appeal of the stone.  Great for pool remodels or outdoor patios and lanias, 

Old Chicago  -  Old Detroit

Unique and distinctive look of natural slate stone finish. Yet smooth on the feet too... Stonehurst gives your project an elegant upscale appearance with a premium unique look that will make your project a step above the rest! 



Looking for a larger size paver set? Step up in size with this combo.  Mega Old Towne provides a smooth comfortable walking surface and a much bigger size to your liking.  Very versatile as it is good looking. 

Urbana Stone's chiseled textures and contours combine with its random shapes and patterns to recall the look and feel of vintage cut stone. Urbana is offered in a versatile, three-piece modular system with an optional large square that adds a broader range of shapes and an even grander scale.

Roma, a three piece antiqued finish stone that has a masterfully hand crafted textured surface which is reminiscent of the timeworn colonial streets and alleyways of Charleston, Williamsburg and Savannah. Roma's modular design gives it the ability to be installed in a variety of patterns to meet the requirements of your project.  

Also available in Thin Pavers for remodeling projects!


  2 3/8" Thickness

4" x 8"


2  3/8" Thickness

Various Sizes Avail.

8" x 8"  -  8" x 12"  -  12" x 12"  -  16" x 16"


Brick pavers installed all over Orlando. We have the knowledge and expertise.



plank PaverS  /  modern pavers

2  3/8" Thickness   -  4" x 16"

3 Piece Combo Set

2 3/8" Thickness  -  4" x 8"  -  8" x 8"  -  8" x 12"

Brick / Holland Stone

3 Piece Combo Set

2 3/8" Thickness

4" x 6"  -  6" x 6"  -  6" x 9"

Enrich your homes character with a Romanesque Circle. Designed to unify your hardscape installation with the landscape around it. Romanesque Circles can be combined with Olde Towne to make larger circles. Circular designs are ideal for large-scale projects where grandeur and drama are desired. An added touch to any hardscape area.  

Our Most Popular Brick Pavers

If you are seeking a truly unique look, then consider our Old Chicago Reclaimed Clay Pavers. These pavers have actually been reclaimed from turn-of-the-century structures that can still be found today throughout the city of Chicago. Old Chicago Reclaimed bricks are especially unique with color hues of creams and pinks with the occasional black, and many will feature the distinctive union diamond stamp on the face.  Old Detroit Reclaimed Bricks offer a distinct look and durable quality that stands the test of time. Very clean with sharp edges and a smooth texture, Old Detroit Reclaimed Clay Pavers feature a palette of oranges with some "Motor City Blacks" for extra authenticity.

3 Piece Combo Set  -  2 3/8" Thickness

6" x 9"  -  9" x 9"  -  9" x 12"

Welcome to our world.  Brick pavers is our business and we have a passion for what we do.  Color. Shape. Texture.  Simple as these three natural attributes may seem, they're the essential qualities that compromise the basis for transforming outdoor spaces into totally unforgettable places.  Places for curb appeal or to simply entertain, inspire and captivate.  We build the good stuff with quality products and expertise!  We invite you to look at our collection of pavers that have a discerning eye for color, shape and texture.  When these elements are crafted to work in harmony, the result is nothing short of remarkable - giving you the ability to turn driveways, patios and pool areas into captivating living areas you'll be proud to share with friends and family.

romanesque circles Pavers

Dessert Gold